Abiola et la Plante Magique by Iman Eyitayo

“Abiola et la Plante Magique” is a book that tells the story of a seven years old, Abiola. The brave young girl is willing to go on an adventure far away in China to get a miraculous flower capable of healing her ill grandmother. The magic and mysterious plant is known to cure all diseases but grows only once a year before the rainy season and is surrounded by monsters.

“Abiola et la Plante Magique” is a beautiful story written by Iman Eyitayo, a talented writer from Benin, which spent part of her life in Ivory Coast, France, and Canada. Iman as a child was fascinated by videos games, cartoons, and drawings. Her passion for storytelling inspired her to make a few comic books that only her young sister was reading. Eight years after moving away from the family home to study abroad, she reconnected with her passion and has published seven (7) books since 2011.

Reading is a valuable way to self-educate ourselves and to sharpen our mind. Iman Eyitayo used her narrative skills and her talent as a writer to inspire millions of young readers across the world. At Cercle Social, our mission is not only to help children stay in school but to guide them to embrace their talent like Iman.

You can purchase the book Abiola et la Plante Magique from amazon.com