About Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi (RPi) was first developed at the University of Cambridge at London and it is a $25 computer that fits in a palm of your hand. Literally, the computer is the size of a palm on your hand. It comes with a Linux operating system called Raspbain which can be accessed with a micro SD card. This is used because kids who cannot afford a computer and want to code, they have a chance to do so. Raspberry PI can be also used like your average computer such as programming, word processing, documents, and spreadsheets. Since technology has been advancing over the years, something small like this is amazing what it can do and how we can help kids at a low cost which is also energy efficient, and it can perform many functions just like a computer can.

A school called Charlotte Latin School in North Carolina is the first school ever in the United States to use a Raspberry Pi in a regular class. Tom Dubick, who is an engineer at their school, said that their students use this Raspberry Pi to learn math and science from it. He also said it would be a great opportunity for students to experience the creativity and the beauty found in engineering and design. Back at the UK, the school St. Saviour’s School held a session between 240 kids between 5 to 11 ages. They worked on this program called Scratch (a visual programming tool) and worked with a Lego WeDo Crocodile and they programmed to snap at any little fingers. You can see that this Raspberry Pi computer can help, and teach students to do amazing things just like that.