Benefits of Technology in the Classroom

By Whitney Foster 

Technology brings a new dynamic to any classroom. Gone are the traditional days of the chalkboard and the pointer stick. Learning is much more interactive; now giving students a chance to actively participate in their learning rather than just witness it.

    Students in a technology equipped classroom have an advantage over the ones that don’t. Traditional textbooks are useful. After all, that is how education has been delivered for many years. However, having access to the internet and other forms of technology provides information that is continuously updated. This is particularly useful for classes such as science or social studies. There is access to news which educators use in their lesson plans.

   Students use e-books that allow for interactive content such as note-taking and videos, which makes reading more exciting. Students in classrooms equipped with technology are able to learn at a steady pace. A research project from the U.S. Department of Education, students in technology equipped classrooms were “able to handle more complex assignments and do more with higher order skills because of supports…provided by technology.” 

    The Raspberry Pi project from Cercle Social allows students to receive these technology benefits in areas where they normally wouldn’t. Continuous support of this project allows for more students to receive computers, allowing them to learn their subjects in a more exciting fashion.