Cercle Social : Education first !

by -- Virginie Bapaume

We often ask ourselves, “why the education of youth”? It’s true that there are myriad other areas in which we could intervene. 

Health or nutrition are causes which equally merit fighting for. However, at the heart of the Cercle Social association, we have prefered to concentrate on what seems to us is the foundation of a strong society. 

We think that it is fundamental to create a virtuous circle by aiding those who will lead the society of tomorrow. We think that we must shape those who will become the doctors, teachers, and entrepreneurs, the men and the women who will move things forward and run our country. And this happens through education. 

Education does something magical. It creates vocations, gives confidence, and makes it possible to bring projects that seemed impossible to fruition. It allows the mind to open and creates opportunities. 

By sponsoring a child, you assure them a future; you make it possible for them to reach secondary school, and allow them to do more than just believe in their dreams. Every year, our students, young girls and boys from the most disadvantageous backgrounds, are able to pursue their studies until getting their diploma. We support the families, aid the schools, organize after school tutoring, and give youth opportunities to gain professional experience.

Education is the key to their future.

We help to construct the Benin of tomorrow, thanks to your giving.