“Dreams That Could Be”: capture the world to change it

Photographer Allison Zaucha is changing the world one photo at a time. She uses the power of storytelling and art to enrich the lives of students across the world who cannot afford a quality education. Allison started on a 21-day journey to visit two Givology nonprofits Aid India in India and Cercle Social in Benin to document the daily lives of the children there. From Divya in South India who dreams of going to college and becoming a science teacher before she has an arranged marriage, to Julienne who is 23 and fighting to finish 12th grade—these students have big dreams and face much adversity, as many students do throughout the world. These are rare glimpses into just some of their lives, and they stand as examples of the millions of other students just like them. By offering them a platform to tell their story, start listening to their dreams and believing in their abilities, we come together to make poverty alleviation an attainable goal.

The “Dreams That Could Be” gallery and exhibit are the culmination of over a year of planning and production that visually represents the lives of four driven students in India and Benin who fight every day for a chance to learn. The purpose of the event is to use still images and multimedia pieces to tell their stories and inspire the audience to support these young people's path to a better future.

Celebrate the power of Education and come see the wonders of photography on Sunday, October 2 at 1 pm in Brooklyn.

You can learn more about the “Dreams That Could Be” gallery and exhibit by visiting: http://www.dreamsthatcouldbe.com/nyc-show or on Facebook