Pourquoi faire du bénévolat ?
10 raisons pour être un bénévole de Cercle social
1Développement de Compétence

Voulez-vous utiliser votre créativité comme un outil de plaidoyer? Le bénévolat vous aide à développer de nouvelles compétences, aiguiser vos compétences actuelles, découvrir des talents cachés, ou tout simplement à utiliser vos compétences existantes d'une nouvelle manière.

2Exploration Professionnelle

Quel que soit votre âge ou votre niveau professionel, le bénévolat est une excellente façon d'en apprendre davantage sur une profession donnée. Dans de nombreux cas, le bénévolat vous offre la possibilité de rencontrer de nouvelles personnes et de nouer des liens avec ces dernières.

3Développement personnel

En tant que volontaire, attends-toi à des expériences pratiques et plus de connaissances sur diverses problématiques. Ou, besoin d'une pause de votre routine quotidienne? Gardez à l'esprit comment il est bon d'être valorisés; en tant que bénévole, vous pouvez contribuer avec des compétences uniques, des expériences et perspectives.

4Compétences Sociales

Whether you’re shy or naturally outgoing, working with Cercle Social can help you develop your social skills. In addition to professional networking, volunteering is a fun, meaningful way to make new friends. The best part? Every volunteer has the opportunity to unite with people from diverse backgrounds to work toward a common goal. Simply looking for something to do with new people? Volunteer and get to know others who care about improving our future.

5Transform a Community

Volunteering is the best way to make an impact in a community. The only requirement? "Passion" and "positivity"! And remember - the most valuable skills you can bring to your volunteering efforts are compassion, an open mind, and a willingness to fulfill your role. By generating a real and lasting impact, the world is now in your hands.
You are a drop away from playing a major role in creating the changes you want to see in the world. Click here to check out our volunteer opportunities and make a real difference.

6Build your Resume

Have you ever had a job? If not, volunteering adds valuable experience to your resume. Even if you have work experience, volunteering will show your company your serious motivation to get involved and improve your skills.

7Get a Reference

Getting that first job out of college can be difficult, especially with no work experience, and references are becoming increasingly important to many companies. While having a couple acquaintances or college professors listed would be helpful, having an Organization speaking to your work ethic and abilities can be priceless. Always keep in mind to treat any volunteer opportunity – paid or unpaid - like a real job, by committing to your responsibilities with passion, communicating your availability and time off, and providing two weeks’ notice when you decide to leave.

8Opportunity to Travel

Cercle Social volunteers could qualify for a grant award for travel and service projects on-site in Benin. A six months’ commitment may be required. This is a very special privilege we offer our volunteers, and is sponsored by one of our trusted partners. Apply today to find out more details!

9Virtual Opportunity

Volunteering isn’t a full-time commitment. Our volunteer hours can be minimal and virtual. The required commitment could be as little as three hours per week. And in fact, the best way you can help is by staying right where you are! If you are a working student, most volunteer commitments allow you plenty of time to still work part-time while maintaining your grades.

10Help Create a Peaceful World

Knowing that you are helping to create a peaceful world and a safer planet is only a fraction of the pride that you feel as a volunteer every time you lend a helping hand. We believe that volunteers are the core of our mission. It is important to highlight that the benefits of volunteering are enormous to you, your family, and your community. From skill development to helping to create a peaceful world, every volunteer counts.

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