Installing Raspbian Wheezy on Mac OS X 10.10

Last week, I mentioned that there are a variety of operating systems available for the Raspberry Pi. One of the easiest for those just starting out is Raspbian Wheezy, which is based on Debian Linux. This process requires a computer and your microSD card, which will be the memory for your Raspberry Pi. You can access the Wheezy image on the Raspberry Pi website ( I used a microSD card with an adapter for my laptop. This was an easy option since it easily plugged right into the existing SD slot in my machine.

First, download the zip file containing the version of Raspbian you wish to install – as I said, I decided to use Wheezy. Second, click the link to the installation guide. After it directs you to download the zip file (which I had already done at this point), it allows you to select the OS you are installing on (I am using OS X).

There are a couple of ways you can complete the install on OS X, depending on how comfortable how comfortable you are in terminal. I un-mounted my SD in the Disk Utility, and then used terminal to load the Raspberian Wheezy OS. I found that, while the Raspberry Pi site (and install guide) state that this should only take a couple minutes, mine took considerably longer. I was able to periodically check the status using <code>control + T</code>; however, patience did pay off and it successfully loaded (eventually). Stay tuned for setting up the Raspberry Pi itself!