Meeting with the U.N. Ambassador for Benin, Jean-Francis R. Zinsou

On August 18th, Cercle Social had the privilege to meet with the U.N. Ambassador for Benin, Jean-Francis R. Zinsou at the permanent mission of Benin in New York.

As the U.N. Ambassador of Benin, Jean-Francis R. Zinsou practices at the United Nations and has a collective responsibility to make decisions affecting the present and the future of humanity in general and the nation of Benin in particular. He also participates assiduously in activities within the U.N.’s main bodies, such as the General Assembly, the Security Council, and the Economic and Social Council, and its subsidiary bodies, Commissions, and others, together with the missions of other states members.

It was another opportunity for Cercle Social via its Accounting Coordinator, Ronald Alia, to present the Organisation’s mission, main projects, and goals. The emphasis of the meeting was on the sponsorship drive of 2016-2017 which is an ongoing campaign that allows Cercle Social to collect funds for students tuition and fees. Every school year, Cercle Social helps students in need by giving them the education they deserve.

In Benin, we have provided access to secondary education for more than 300 disadvantaged youth and trained 778 students to use computers.