The mobile container classroom
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  • Project regions:
  • Project started date: January 2015
  • Project partners:
  • Population targeted:
    Students in middle & high school
  • Project status:

We transform used shipping containers into classrooms and install energy efficient microcomputers that are affordable and durable. The solar powered mobile classroom has solar panels on the roof that can generate on average nine hours of electricity a day and be energy independent.

Project about

The classroom can be moved by truck so kids in other remote areas with little or no access to electricity can benefit from the curriculum and connectivity. A shipping container is used many times to make trips across the oceans and moved by rail, cars, and trailers across highways. It is an original architecture and it is durable. Solar panels can be added to the roof and sides, and the structure can be transported from one school to another. 

A shipping container is:

  • Durable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Cheaper than a construction

Project target population

The project targets students in rural areas.

Project problems

We primarily fight computer illiteracy. The goal of the project is to train students to the use of computer programs with hands-on skills. After graduation from the high school, these students will have a greater chance of getting internships or part-time jobs while in college.

Project impact

  • More students trained over three years of implementation
  • Computer classes added to more regions
  • Added school capacity to sustain a computer lab
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