Raspberry Pi: Teaching Coding to the Young and Old Alike

Technology is changing education and employment opportunities for people across the world. Unfortunately, computers are still a luxury item for many, which often limit opportunities that people have to develop skills that will help them find work or attend school remotely. Raspberry Pi is changing this by offering small, affordable computers that plug into a computer monitor or TV and that can perform many of the tasks of a traditional desktop PC. Even better news, Raspberry Pi is a nonprofit and provides resources and training for teacher and school staff to get the computers up and running in a school.

There have been a variety of successes and uses for this product that are limited, thus far, primarily by the imagination of students and teachers. At a primary school in Virginia, USA, the librarian – who was hesitant around electronics and had no coding background – was able to quickly learn enough to start Minecraft and Scratch lunch groups at her school – a program that quickly expanded and offered not only the kids, but the staff, the opportunity to learn coding and create their own useful projects. This school’s program was quickly expanded into upper elementary grades, where more complex physical computing projects, the older students were able to become mentors for  younger students in coding and the use of the Raspberry Pi.