JBE-2017 Annual convention of Beninese in USA

Cercle Social celebrates at JBE with the Benin community in Washington DC

The USA team of Cercle Social gathered in Washington, DC on May 28th, 2017 to attend the annual convention of Beninese and friends of Benin in the USA (JBE). The event hosted by the High Council of Beninese Abroad (HCBE), UBEDE, and partner associations was an excellent opportunity to meet with the Benin community from the DC area and other cities.

“Dreams That Could Be”: capture the world to change it

Photographer Allison Zaucha is changing the world one photo at a time. She uses the power of storytelling and art to enrich the lives of students across the world who cannot afford a quality education. Allison started on a 21-day journey to visit two Givology nonprofits Aid India in India and Cercle Social in Benin to document the daily lives of the children there.

Cercle Social : Education first !

by -- Virginie Bapaume

We often ask ourselves, “why the education of youth”? It’s true that there are myriad other areas in which we could intervene. 

Health or nutrition are causes which equally merit fighting for. However, at the heart of the Cercle Social association, we have prefered to concentrate on what seems to us is the foundation of a strong society. 

Abiola et la Plante Magique by Iman Eyitayo

“Abiola et la Plante Magique” is a book that tells the story of a seven years old, Abiola. The brave young girl is willing to go on an adventure far away in China to get a miraculous flower capable of healing her ill grandmother. The magic and mysterious plant is known to cure all diseases but grows only once a year before the rainy season and is surrounded by monsters.

Cercle Social


As part of the Dreams That Could Be project, we're partnering with Cercle Social to tell the stories of students in Benin who are changing their lives with education.

Inspired by children with big dreams, like Eugene Adihounde, who aspires to be a policeman, and Ella Agoundo, who aspires to be a doctor, this project is sharing the stories of children who are overcoming great adversity to get an education.  

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