Cercle Social : Education first !

by -- Virginie Bapaume

We often ask ourselves, “why the education of youth”? It’s true that there are myriad other areas in which we could intervene. 

Health or nutrition are causes which equally merit fighting for. However, at the heart of the Cercle Social association, we have prefered to concentrate on what seems to us is the foundation of a strong society. 

Helping Develop an Interest for Programming

The Raspberry Pi provides affordable access to a fully capable computer. In its most basic form, the Pi can be used as a computer, but it can also be used in robotics and Internet of Things projects. The Internet of things is a network of devices that communicate with one another and exchange information with sensors and software. Exposing students to the single board computer from a young age can help increase computer literacy in a developing country and develop an interest for programming. The Raspberry Pi Foundation recommends Python as a language for learners.

Cercle Social attends Tuesday’s Talks !

The program Tuesday’s Talks takes place every Tuesday from 3pm to 5pm at the Obama Center on the Abomey Calavi campus. This program is an initiative through the coordination of the Obama Center, accompanied by the African Network of United Nations Young Leaders (ROJALNU). Several organizations, NGO and associations have been invited and responded to the activity there. The Tuesday’s Talks primarily aims at mobilizing the youth about major themes of their generation and preparing them to face these issues.

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