Helping Develop an Interest for Programming

The Raspberry Pi provides affordable access to a fully capable computer. In its most basic form, the Pi can be used as a computer, but it can also be used in robotics and Internet of Things projects. The Internet of things is a network of devices that communicate with one another and exchange information with sensors and software. Exposing students to the single board computer from a young age can help increase computer literacy in a developing country and develop an interest for programming. The Raspberry Pi Foundation recommends Python as a language for learners.

What Makes the Raspberry Pi So Incredible?

This entire project revolves around the ability of the raspberry pi to educate the youth, but what makes this affordable and pocketable computer so powerful?


Incredible flexibility is the answer.


With a raspberry pi, a little creativity, and some programming knowledge, the sky's the limit.

The raspberry pi can be programmed to work with all sorts of computer systems.

-Smart phones

What language is the best?

You've got your brand new raspberry pi in the mail and you're about to plug it in when you realize that you've got a choice to make.

You've got to decide what programming language to learn before you start making your raspberry pi work for you.


Time and time again, novice programmers ask what language they should learn first.

It's a reasonable question to ask, but, as most novice programmers know, the programming community likes to give pretty unhelpful responses.

Pi-Hole: Ad-Blocking the Raspberry Pi Way

Internet ads have become a feature of many peoples’ daily lives. While many of us have learned to deal with this nuisance, companies such as AdTrap have developed devices to block these ads from reaching devices connected to your home network – and they’re marketing them for a pretty penny. However, a new project called Pi-Hole let’s you get much the same functionality with your Raspberry Pi as a low-cost, open-source alternative.

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