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by -- Virginie Bapaume

We often ask ourselves, “why the education of youth”? It’s true that there are myriad other areas in which we could intervene. 

Health or nutrition are causes which equally merit fighting for. However, at the heart of the Cercle Social association, we have prefered to concentrate on what seems to us is the foundation of a strong society. 

Use of Apps in the Classroom

 School is one of the best times to introduce a child to technology. Today, technology is used in every aspect of our lives and school is the first place where children receive this exposure. The use of software applications (or “apps” for short), helps to get children excited about technology as many apps incorporate challenging exercises and games into educational topics. They are designed to be installed on phones and tablets, devices used all day every day.

Cercle Social


As part of the Dreams That Could Be project, we're partnering with Cercle Social to tell the stories of students in Benin who are changing their lives with education.

Inspired by children with big dreams, like Eugene Adihounde, who aspires to be a policeman, and Ella Agoundo, who aspires to be a doctor, this project is sharing the stories of children who are overcoming great adversity to get an education.  

Raspberry Pi: Teaching Coding to the Young and Old Alike

Technology is changing education and employment opportunities for people across the world. Unfortunately, computers are still a luxury item for many, which often limit opportunities that people have to develop skills that will help them find work or attend school remotely. Raspberry Pi is changing this by offering small, affordable computers that plug into a computer monitor or TV and that can perform many of the tasks of a traditional desktop PC.

Raspberry Pi: Flexibility in OS

The Raspberry Pi has been designed as a cost effective option for use in school environments. One of the great things about the Raspberry Pi is that offers a wide variety of Operating Systems (OSs) for users to make use of in their projects, or to simply learn and tinker with. The official Raspberry Pi site (http://www.raspberrypi.org">www.raspberrypi.org) offers free, downloadable images for nine different operating systems.

What Makes the Raspberry Pi So Incredible?

This entire project revolves around the ability of the raspberry pi to educate the youth, but what makes this affordable and pocketable computer so powerful?


Incredible flexibility is the answer.


With a raspberry pi, a little creativity, and some programming knowledge, the sky's the limit.

The raspberry pi can be programmed to work with all sorts of computer systems.

-Smart phones

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