Technology for the Math Classroom

By Whitney Foster

In the mathematics classroom, the subject matter alone makes it difficult to keep students interested. Incorporating technology with mathematics gives students something to look forward to in an otherwise boring math lesson.

The use of tools in mathematics is nothing new. It goes back to the use of the abacus, giving students a visual image of the numbers. Today, the use of technology is more and more prevalent in a math classroom. Twenty years ago, the use of a calculator was not permitted on some standardized tests because it was viewed as a crutch. Today, they are required. 

With more schools using tablets and computers in learning, a number of programs are being created everyday. A number of different calculator apps are created to be used in the classroom. For elementary school students, programs like the Interactive Telling Time, teaches them how to tell time in a fun way. Math Pickle is another program with games and puzzles for students of all ages.

Using these and a number of other programs that are being created can make math more fun and exciting for all students.