Technology for the Science Classroom

By Whitney Foster

One of the best things about technology these days is that anyone can take advantage of it. The science classroom is one of the best subjects to use technology programs because the subject itself involves exploring in new ways. 

Computer programs and applications (apps for short) allow for students to receive assistance and enhancements on their schoolwork. Teachers find them useful as well for keeping students interested. 

Teachers and students now have the convenience of taking an entire lab class online, allowing for more flexibility. Prestigious colleges such as MIT and Harvard have made coursework available online for free, giving further resources to those who did not have them before.

Websites such as, Science For Kids, and BBC News — Science and Environment are only a small sampling of the tools online. Students can participate in experience, take quizzes and read articles and watch videos. 


By adding technology to classrooms, students are open to a wide array of activities in science topics.