Use of Apps in the Classroom

 School is one of the best times to introduce a child to technology. Today, technology is used in every aspect of our lives and school is the first place where children receive this exposure. The use of software applications (or “apps” for short), helps to get children excited about technology as many apps incorporate challenging exercises and games into educational topics. They are designed to be installed on phones and tablets, devices used all day every day.

    One important aspect of being a good student is having the ability to take good notes. Some good note-taking apps such as Evernote and Notability will help bring notes to like rather than just writing on a piece of notebook paper. Students have the ability to add pictures and even record while taking notes on some apps. Studyblue is a free app with a premium version that allows students to share notes. A teacher can share notes with the entire class. 

    The use of apps in the classroom allow for students to maintain their interest in the subject. It also brings the lessons to life and gets students motivated to learn. Apps in used with other forms of technology will bring a new form of learning to students.