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  • Project regions:
    Tori Agouako, Atlantique, Benin
  • Project started date: December 2012
  • Project partners:
  • Population targeted:
    Students in middle & high school
  • Project status:

Cercle Social Computer Lab Project started in December 2012. The project intends to give a chance to students in rural areas to learn basic computer software. Over three years of implementation, the project benefits to more than 900 students.

Project about

Cercle Social renovated and equipped a computer lab in the High School of Tori-Agouako in 2012. The project has been implemented for three school years now and has provided general and basic knowledge of computer to more than 900 students. During each implementation year, our Organization assists the School in recruiting teachers for the computer classes, helps maintain the 30 computers in the lab, monitors the courses as well as the students' evaluation. Through this project, we also reinforce the capacity of the Secondary School. Our participative approach includes them in every step of the project. Our long-term goal is to extend the project to all schools where the Organization intervenes.

Project target population

The project targets students in rural areas.

Project problems

We primarily fight computer illiteracy. The goal of the project is to train students to the use of computer programs with hands-on skills. After graduation from the high school, these students will have a greater chance of getting internships or part-time jobs while in college.

Project impact

  • 981 students trained over three years of implementation
  • Computer classes officially included in Tori-Agouako School's curriculum
  • School capacity built to sustain a computer lab
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