The School Nutrition Assistance (SNACS)
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  • Project regions:
    Tori Agouako, Atlantique, Benin
  • Project started date: January 2014
  • :
  • Population targeted:
    Students in middle & high school
  • Project status:

Cercle Social designed the School Nutrition Assistance Project for all its sponsored students. Our investigations showed that the vast majority of the students has hardly one meal a day and remains hungry during school. The goal of the SNACS is to offer a balanced meal and a snack to the students while they are at school. This will help them focus and better retain the material learned in school.

Project about

In Benin, students bring cash to school daily to purchase school lunches during their break times. Unfortunately, many promising students are unable to afford meals and must wait until the end of the school day before eating. This program allows disadvantaged students to benefit from daily meals and snacks.

Our meal plans are: $10.00/ month or $85.00 for nine (09) months.

These plans offer a morning snack and a complete lunch meal to each recipient for the entire school year which lasts nine months in Benin. Meals include a main course, one or two side items as well as water or juice. Main courses include a choice of sandwich, rice, beans, or porridge. Side items include egg, fish, meat, soup, and pasta. Snacks include a choice of bean doughnut or wheat doughnut.
The long-term goal of the Organization is to expand the SNACS to all schools where it intervenes.

Project target population

The project targets the students sponsored by the Organization through the Scholarship Project. They are disadvantaged students, mostly orphans from low-income families.

Project problems

Evidence show that routinely skipping meals can impair a child's ability to function at an optimal level while in school. Through the SNACS we fight against lack of focus in class, low school performance, and undernutrition which negatively affect our student's grade.

Project impact

  • 100 students received meals while at school
  • Higher school attendance as students do not have to work to earn their lunch or meal at school
  • Better grades
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